MA Design

Graphic designer – Graphic Communication

‘I am not a Geordie’

It is easy for people living outside of the North East to group everyone from the North East into the Geordie category, simply because of their accents. ‘I am not a Geordie’ is a magazine created to give an introduction to the North East, in particular Middlesbrough and Newcastle. Each region has its own identity, dialect, history and community and the purpose of ‘I am not a Geordie’ magazine is to promote and celebrate that through experimental typography and photography, exploring language and identity the magazine celebrates each region for what they are. The magazine explores the history of both Newcastle and Middlesbrough, celebrating in particular how Middlesbrough was born into an industrial town and regenerated into a town described as ‘shopping, administrative, cultural and service centre of growing importance.’ Photographic research into historic landmarks still existing today is also celebrated in the magazine to help distinguish the two regions as their own. It was also important that people’s perceptions on the North eastern regions were involved in the magazine as receiving people’s initial perceptions are what triggered the whole project off. The gathered general perception on people from the North East was that they all have a Geordie accent, also not many people actually know where Middlesbrough is. This provoked a passionate response to provide a ‘guide’ to distinguishing Middlesbrough from Newcastle. Language and identity is a big part of this project so the magazine explores the dialect of the North East which has always maintained a strong sense of cultural identity with most of its dialect words being traced back to the Angles. Looking at language also is contributions from designer and typographer Sam Winston with his design perception on language and poet Andy Willoughby with his passionate poems about his home town of Middlesbrough. Each region has its own identity followed on from history, which is something to be passionate about.


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