Visual Narrative/ Concept Designer

My project started with a book, an idea. My Major Project was a simple task, to turn the book I chose into a game pitch, only using the concept designs that I have created. The book that I have chosen involves knowledge and an understanding into a time which lies in the past. England 14th century, a time when suspicions was high, anything that was not considered to be part of our teachings, our church were considered instead to be wrong, maybe even evil.  One evil in particular, was roaming the lands of this country, dragons. In this case only one, the last of its kind, laying waste to villages and towns claiming and consuming what lies beneath its path.

Like always a hero will arise, to avenge his family and village he will travel to find a sleigh the last dragon to bring peace back to the land.

What I have done is created the concepts which surround various chapters of the game mainly at the beginning of the story where introductions are met. My goal in my concepts was to convey a strong contrast between light and colour. As a concept artist I wish to advance my skills and I have chosen to focus on those two main aspects more than others as that are the particular field in which I want to be known best for.

The hardest challenge for this particular subject was to make the assets of the concepts believable to the audience given the time period the story is based. Along with the use of observational drawing and photographs, luck played more of a vital part towards the end results. My concepts became a blend of two different styles of concept, one was combining original photographs and then manipulating them in Photoshop, the other was to digitally paint the whole concept from a white background.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and have grown to look and tackle objectives from a Masters perspective. My skills regarding my own work, knowledge and understanding have too advanced since the beginning of this course especially the field of colour and light.


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