The project that I have chosen for my master is about finding a relationship between culture, food and eating utensils. After considering many possibilities, I came up with the approach of using proverbs, quotations and phrases, all of which would be relevant to the topic and designing of posters.

Integrating the Persian and English typography also using Persian proverbs and quotations with their synonyms and their translation in English gave me the opportunity to finish the designing process by bringing together the different elements. Moreover, playing with the Persian and English letters was a new experience for me to make more visual forms which enable people who are interested in foreign languages to find out more about the Persian culture and typography. Although Persian letters are very different in their shapes and even in their meanings their simplicity in being matched with English letters and their graphic fluidity made the posters more interesting.

Overall, each research follows some objectives, so as a graphic designer I am trying to follow those that can help me to clarify my ideas and make them more understandable for those people who are not familiar with my culture and Persian typography.

To sum up, considering the other aims and objectives the most important part of my project is introducing Persian culture and art to those who may have different views due to the current political issues. Although Persian art is famous in its own right, I hope I can have a remarkable influence on it and make it more global.


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